Browse through a range of creative services that can be tailored to your small businesses... including digital marketing, graphic design, photography, web design, social media content creation & account management.

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digital marketing.

Digital marketing can be tricky to navigate on your own - so having an extra hand to help you set a strategy tailored to your business... well.. just makes life easier - to be perfectly frank!


Take the stress & confusion out of SEO's, CRM's, EDM's, marketing campaigns & social media ads.


And of course, boost your online presence & engagement with your audience.


graphic design.

First Impressions are everything & these days with the saturation of products or businesses out there, you want to be memorable (and in a good way)!

If it's been more than 'just a little while' since you gave your business identity some love - chances are your brand might be outdated.

Or perhaps you just need a some extra promotion material?

From logos, to posters & flyers, to branding, to packaging or even just few extra visual elements - I've got you covered!


Photography is incredibly important, especially going hand in hand with social media! Make sure your products look stunning & professional, luring your audience in - with well photographed images, showing off the best qualities of your business.

Food styling, lighting, camera equipment & figuring out new programs like Photoshop or Lightroom can eat up time & money.


Let me help, so we can work together to sell your products better!

web design.

Need a well designed dynamic website built? With e-commerse?? I'm your Gal! 

Let me help you set up a new landing page or web store, or online menu that is modern, easy for you to manage or update & fluid between devices!

If you know what you like to say & have content ready to go - websites can be built in less than a week! And if not - don't worry, we can sort that out together!

social media content.

It's not all about pretty pictures! Social media is about storytelling!

Yes, we want a beautiful & well thought out insta feed! But - make sure your business is presenting itself with engaging content as well! What truths & values do you want to be communicating with your audience?

Let me help you build a feed that is not only pretty, but engages with your audience - building trust, gains followers & sales!

People are quick to question, and don't spend money on things they don't trust!

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